Digital Leaders Insight Series - Part 1 

 Digital business model reinvention 

Digital Business Model Reinvention report

76% rated some form of business model change

as a high priority for achieving growth and competitive advantage


The phenomenon of digital disruption and its transformative impact on the competitive landscape and established brands has gripped the media in the past few years.

Caroline Boyd
Caroline Boyd 
Director of Research and Strategy

Revolutionary new entrants such as Uber, Appleand Netflix have burst onto the scene, seeminglyout of nowhere, seizing market share and tearingapart industry rules and norms by establishingradical and disruptive new business models.

The extent of the wider impact of companieslike Uber on the status quo is perhaps bestexemplified by the addition of new descriptive
words to our business lexicon such as ‘uberisation’and ‘nestify’, words now routinely applied whenwanting to signify dramatic change.

A current popular narrative in the business andtech press alike is the need for more establishedorganisations to emulate this radical approachto business model change, and that the mosteffective response to digital disruption is in factbusiness model reinvention.