Introducing IGNITE November 2014

Delivering digital transformation: powerful strategies for monetising disruptive innovation in a customer first world

78% of professionals say their industry sector is being disrupted Nimbus Ninety Digital Enterprise Trends survey, May 2014

The facts speak for themselves: digital disruption is real, it’s pervasive and it’s here to stay.

Most analysts and pundits agree on what the term 'digital disruption' means, and the difference between regular technological innovation and disruptive technology – disruptive technology fundamentally changes the way markets, organisations and consumers behave.

Customer behaviour – and the power of the digital consumer – is at the very heart of these changes. It’s the customer that is behind the drive for ever more personalised and contextualised products, services, tools and apps. If you don’t embrace customer centricity and organise your business around your customers then you’ll alienate them and fall behind your competitors.

Social, mobile, cloud and big data are the most well recognised and discussed disruptive forces on the world today. But they are just the tip of the iceberg in the era of the connected consumer. A variety of Internet-connected peripheral devices are becoming increasingly central to our daily lives. These things, ranging from the wearable to the embedded, are transforming how we as humans interact with both the virtual and physical worlds around us.

Time and again, businesses struggle to undertake change initiatives. Technology-based change can be particularly troublesome. Yet more often than not, it’s less about a technical failure in the solution itself, and more about a failure to plan or to consider softer issues such as leadership, people and culture. This point is supported by the findings of the recent Nimbus Ninety Digital Enterprise Trends survey: only 46% of respondents said they have suitable policies in place to effectively support digital; just 39% have an organisation-wide strategy for implementing new technologies; and only 38% are ready to react quickly to sudden disruptions to their industry or business model.

Organisations that want to achieve true business transformation from disruptive innovation need to take a holistic approach to their initiative. A full business redesign is required in readiness for a digital overhaul, and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the onslaught of disruptive technologies, rather than drowning in their wake.

Savvy business leaders that do invest in a comprehensive campaign of digital transformation, rather than responding reactively to each and every disruptive technology, can make digital disruption pay. Launching new products, entering new marketplaces, engaging customers and seizing competitive advantage are the rewards for those that act.

More than three quarters (78%) of the Nimbus Ninety Digital Enterprise Trends survey respondents say their industry is currently being disrupted. Of those, 29% say they themselves are proactively leading that disruption; the rest are being disrupted primarily by outside forces.

So how can the disrupted turn those forces around and become the disruptors themselves? And how do the trailblazers ensure that they maintain their positions in their marketplaces and ward off the threats from the next wave of would-be innovators?

Attend Nimbus Ninety IGNITE November 2014

NEW! Introducing the four co-located strands of IGNITE November 2014

The move to our new home at the Worx, south west London, will enable us to develop and expand the four core elements of the IGNITE brand and to bring them all together in a light, spacious and flexible new space.

Nimbus Ninety are proud to present:

The two-day IGNITE conference summit - including 4 updated breakout streams: Strategy, Leadership and Culture, Customer Insight and engagement, Redesigning for Business Transformation and Innovation Uncovered.

Benefits in Attending


to attend the our events.


with your peers in and across industries

Industry experts

deliver keynote presentations

Live demo streams

of cutting edge technologies

Real life

case studies from your peers

Fast track

your project – cover six months’ research, learning and project planning in just two days

Cut through the white noise

to discover the ‘need to know’ about digital disruption: how to prepare and to leverage it

Bringing you over 40 sessions, comprising ground-breaking case studies from global organisations, cutting insight from expert thought leaders, strategy building sessions from leading solutions providers and consultants, and panel debates on the hottest issues of tomorrow’s digital operations.

Attend and hear how to:
  • Construct a comprehensive digital transformation programme that incorporates the strategies, business models, and technologies you need to invest in now to enable you to leverage new opportunities in the future
  • Understand how changes in consumer behaviour, societal and technological trends are disrupting the traditional relationship between the brand and the consumer, and what that means to you
  • Predict and anticipate future developments and ‘the next big thing’ through in-depth analysis of recent high profile strategic acquisitions and investments, alongside a review of the latest thinking on how consumer behaviour and organisational structure might evolve in the future
  • Monetise digital transformation with cutting edge case studies demonstrating how disruptive pioneers applied a digital transformation programme to create tangible business results
  • Embrace a new digitally disruptive vision that seamlessly integrates your digital and analogue offerings
  • Evaluate the best route for getting disruptions started: build an external team, attempt an internal collaboration effort, or distribute the mandate virtually
  • Design innovative new business models that will enable reinvention and transformation
  • Build the dynamic platform that will enable these business changes to happen
  • Create dynamic ecosystems that will maximise the impact of this exciting opportunity
  • Embrace customer centricity and place the customer at the heart of everything you do
  • Adopt a culture of risk taking and experimentation in your organisation
  • Pre-empt tomorrow, today, with a focus on the innovations that concern you and matter to your customers
Pre-empt tomorrow, today

Disruptive innovation can be a positive, sometimes vital, catalyst for change. It can challenge old assumptions, inspire innovative strategies, IGNITE conversations, and expose new possibilities.

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen dramatic changes in technology, with our ability to innovate increasing at an incredible pace. What will we create with the next wave of change, disruption, and innovation?

Innovation Uncovered brings the latest thinking and technologies through a combination of speakers and a showcase of immersive demonstrations. Find out what’s happening now and how you can take advantage of what’s coming next. Experience how you can use cutting-edge tools and technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Social Business to help take your business towards a new future.

  • Big Data: the road to next-generation cities
  • Realising the benefits of The Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on Society: Smart Buildings
  • Applying machine learning to Big Data to solve real world problems
  • Artificial Intelligence: The rise of the robots
  • Wearable technology: from carryables to wearables to implantables and beyond
Recognising and rewarding the drivers of disruptive innovation and transformation.

An evening to celebrate the premier digital disruptors and innovators of today, comprising a drinks reception, dinner and awards ceremony. Pioneering enterprise disruptors deserve our respect, admiration and recognition. The concept of digital disruption is relatively new but there are already many cutting edge projects taking place under the radar. Let’s bring them out into the limelight!

A survey of our members on their maturity and action points around customer-centric digital transformation, backed by case studies, interviews and columns. The research report, back by a digital infographic, will be released at IGNITE.

Delivering digital transformation: powerful strategies for monetising disruptive innovation in a customer first world

Nimbus Ninety programmes are compiled through extensive, in-depth research with our members.

  • 2 x ‘Visionary’ Keynotes
  • 5 x ‘Case-study’ Keynotes
  • 4 x ‘Expert’ Keynotes
  • 1 x IGNITE Awards nominees panel
  • 1 x Social panel - exploring and debating the future platform for innovation!

Plus 4 refreshed and updated break out strands, featuring five sessions each:

  • Strategy, leadership and culture
  • Customer insight and engagement
  • Redesigning for business transformation
  • Innovation Uncovered

As well as the main presentations, the programme also features the Nimbus Ninety Awards on the evening of day one (Nov 4) and live, interactive demonstrations of groundbreaking products and technologies in our Innovation uncovered Lounge, running for the whole course of IGNITE.

For a detailed agenda, including an overview of what's covered within every session at IGNITE, please contact us.

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The Worx - Fulham, London

  • Address: 10 Heathman's Rd, London SW6 4TJ
  • Tube: Parsons Green (District Line)
  • Bus: 14, 22, 414, 424
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Ideally located in Parsons Green, Fulham, close to the world famous Kings Road, The Worx benefits from excellent transport links to the West End (20mins), the City (40mins) and Heathrow (1hr) and is just a two minute walk from Parsons Green Tube (District line). There is also some on site parking available.

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