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Google Cloud & Atos

Google Cloud & Atos

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Web: atos.net

Contact: Louise Lawrey

Email: Louise.lawrey@atos.net 

Telephone: +44 7890 600 170


Google Cloud

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Web: https://cloud.google.com/

Contact: Shelley Hurley

Email: hurleys@google.com

Telephone: +44 7500 224 430



Company Overview

Bringing together Google’s unparalleled cloud and technology services with Atos’ proven understanding of complex transformation solutions, the Google Cloud and Atos partnership provides the key ingredients to solve the equation faced by enterprise customers: stay close to the customer by using leading technologies in hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and machine Learning while having superior security to protect critical data and ensure full compliance to European, Global and Industry specific regulations. Atos have made Google its preferred partner for its fast-growing hybrid cloud solutions, established innovation labs in London, Paris and Dallas that work side by side with Google ASL labs and AI/ML experts, and are leveraging Google’s collaboration suite and AI/ML technologies to enrich the digital experience of end users of its market leading Digital Workplace offering.


Product/Solution/Service Offering

The partnership is centred around 6 innovation tracks for customers:

  • Application agility: Modernisation & Digitalisation of applications

  • SAP on GCP: Using the Google SAP Cloud Platform capabilities in combination with on-Prem solution, to support Oracle Db, reduce cost, improve performance and optimise migration to HANA

  • IoT: Using the Google GCP IoT offerings and analytics plus Atos’ IoT business service framework and pre-selected third-party technology solutions

  • Secure Hybrid Cloud: Combining Google Cloud Platform with Atos’ digital private cloud, orchestration and automation capabilities while ensuring full compliance to increasing EU and industry data regulations

  • Real time collaboration: Integrated Google G Suite & Unify Circuit options in co existence with 3rd party technology so people can connect, communicate and collaborate more efficiently
  • AI: Using Google APIs as part of Atos Codex to build apps that understand context, provide hypothesis, recos and automatically launch operations 
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