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 Autonomous Warrior Experiment  

 Innovation Arcade Event
 10:00 - 15:00 
 Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 
 Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire 

Visit the British Army’s ground-breaking “Autonomous Warrior” experiment.

The idea: to bypass a long-winded approval process for new purchases, the army tests a series of different suppliers and bits of military kit in one explosive bonanza. 

This is part of the £800 million “Defence Innovation Fund” which is budget dedicated to exploring (and acquiring) innovative new tech. It’s also an unmissable opportunity to gain insight into the military technology of 2025 and beyond, and to mix with other visitors from across Her Majesty’s Government, industry, academia and senior military personnel from the British Army their allies and partners.

Specifically, this event is designed to test “Robotics and Autonomous Systems.” This means drones, tanks, and robots, some of which will be AI-enabled. It means precision shooting systems, communication technology, things that fly, walk, swim, and more. From the organisers: “There is likely to be live flying and there may be live firing.”

Pushing the boundaries of military capability in surveillance and combat, the Army is meeting its allies in our increasingly virtual world. As the Head of the British Army, General Mark Carleton-Smith, has said, "the Army needs to place some big bets on those technologies that we judge may offer exponential advantage.  To fall behind today is to cede an almost unquantifiable advantage from which it might be impossible to recover.”

Leave with an understanding of the tangible trajectory of military tech. The game has changed.     


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