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IBM - Building the New Normal

 Building the "New Normal" 

 Imperatives for deeper agility, responsiveness and resilience 
 08:25 - 10:15 BST 
 Wednesday 10 June 2020 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom 

Among the many battles taking place to contain and respond to COVID-19, two fronts have emerged for many organisations.

Firstly, supporting the essential and heroic frontline work taking place within many industries right now, requires innovation, agility and speed - a test of collaboration at its very best.

Secondly, tough business and technology decisions are looming in order to weather today’s storm of uncertainty to prepare for the road ahead. These decisions are far-reaching and time-sensitive, placing huge pressure on IT leaders to deliver an almost unprecedented level of business agility.

Join peers for intensive cross-industry learning and discussion on seven strategic imperatives for agility, responsiveness and resilience.

08:25 Join for Mindfulness session or One-to-one meetings

08:30 Focusing the Mind with Mindfulness - Ian Leonard
In a virtual world of webex and zoom calls from home with all the distractions that entails, focus and concentration have become premium skills to cultivate. In this session Ian will take you through the fundamentals of Mindfulness followed by a ten minute "focus the mind" guided meditation during which you are free to join in or just listen. The session will prepare you for the rest of the time to enable you to gain maximum benefit from the sessions. Ian has been practicing mindfulness for over 10 years, is a wellness coach and mentor as well as the "chief wellness officer" for the IBM UK CPG/T&T industry. He also shares the leading of the IBM UK Mindfulness sessions that are held every Monday morning to help set us up for the week ahead. Whether you are an experienced meditator, a novice or sceptic you will get take something from this session to carry into the day.

08:40 Join for "Building the New Normal"

08:45 Welcome
Danny Wilks, Director Cloud Software, IBM & Emma Taylor, Founder of Nimbus Ninety

08:50 Building Alliances for Collaborative Recovery
Caroline Gorski, Global Director, R² Data Labs at Rolls-Royce

09:05 Interactive Discussion Groups
Share experiences with peers in our facilitated discussion zones
  • Discussion 1: Resilience and business continuity best practices
    • What are the business continuity best practices for CIOs during the pandemic?
    • What is your minimum viable company and how do you recover it?
    • How do you unlock the puzzle between cybersecurity, cyber resilience, DR and backup?
  • Discussion 2: Addressing new cybersecurity risks 
    • What threats are emerging specific to the COVID-19 crisis?
    • How can security for remote workforces be improved?
    • How do you improve Security Operations Centre Maturity in a challenging hybrid cloud environment?
  • Discussion 3: How can organisations react to the demands of businesses now, with agility & efficiency?
    • How do you tackle the dramatic changes in providing data and insight now, and post COVID-19?
    • What is the impact on infrastructure and application strategies in the world of mass remote work?
    • What solutions can address the longer term impact of new ways of working on people, process and technology?
  • Discussion 4: Reducing operational cost and ensuring supply chain continuity
    • Where have the weaknesses in operations and supply chains been exposed?
    • How will blockchain and cloud integration revolutionise supply chains in retail and food?
    • How will the next generation integrate IOT and AI?
  • Discussion 5: Engage customers virtually
    • What shifts in customer behaviour are emerging?
    • What are the implications for customer contact and engagement?
    • How can response times and quality be improved?
  • Discussion 6: Supporting health and human services
    • How can we empower health professionals to manage their workload, remain efficient and face less administrative obstacles?
    • How can healthcare utilise automation and artificial intelligence to improve the services and care provided to patients?
    • How do you identify what is not working, understand why and then rectify?

10:00 Lessons Learnt

10:15 Thank You and Close

10:15 One-to-one meetings

In partnership with:



Ian Leonard

Ian Leonard - Travel & Transport Leader UK - IBM

Ian is a  Travel & Transport Technology expert dedicated to delivering solutions to his clients that provide innovation and outstanding service to the freight and logistics industry. He has nearly 30 years experience in Business Led Technology Solutions, 20 of which have been spent delivering solutions in the Travel & Transport Industry. As well as his 15 years in IBM, Ian has worked with and for companies such as American Express Business Travel, DHL Excel, British Airways, Thomas Cook, TUI, easyJet, Heathrow Airport, LastMinute.com and SITA Aero. Outside of the Travel Industry Ian has worked with clients from Banking to The Department for Work and Pensions. Ian is responsible for IBM UK's Travel and Transport accounts with a key focus on the freight and logistics industries.

Danny Wilks

Daniel Wilks IBM-1

Daniel (Danny) Wilks is Director for IBM Cloud Software in the United Kingdom & Ireland.  He has responsibility for the company’s portfolio spanning all aspects of Cloud, Data and AI. These technologies help our clients embrace and unlock the potential of Cloud computing, and use Data as a competitive differentiator.

After joining IBM in Global Services in 1996, Danny undertook a range of project delivery roles for clients across Europe before moving to IBM’s e-business Solutions division in 1999.  Here, he was able to lead in working with IBM’s customers to understand how the adoption of internet technologies could be used to transform their business, focusing particularly on e-Commerce and Collaboration.


Caroline Gorski

Caroline Gorski

Having graduated from Oxford University with an MA, Caroline has spent 25 years analysing, advising and managing strategic change at the leading edge of technology development, and the transfer of emerging technologies to the commercial market. She has experience of both public and private sector settings, including as Head of IoT and Digital Manufacturing for Digital Catapult, at global communications player Telefonica, and for the technology strategy firm Forrester Research.

Most recently, she holds the role of Group Director of R2 Data Labs, the global data innovation division of Rolls-Royce, where she is charged with developing the strategy and implementation of data innovation technologies and capabilities for Rolls-Royce that lead to new insights, new solutions and new business models, generating substantial value for the Group.

R2 Data Labs was formed in 2017 to be a catalyst and accelerator for Rolls-Royce data innovation and is made up of team of around 300 working across the Rolls-Royce Group as federated community of practice. Working collaboratively with Business Units, they identify, test, prove and accelerate new technologies and business models that best position Rolls-Royce to adopt, deploy and industrialise market-leading data innovation, creating change and positive disruption. R2 Data Labs develops and matures the new data innovation expertise capabilities and digital first culture needed to achieve Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy.


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This event is for 40 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers and the drivers of live projects whose responsibilities include innovation, information technology, application, architect, IT, information security, operations and development.

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