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Aqua Shard

 Data and Customer Loyalty Dinner 

 Harnessing the true power of data to drive deeper
 customer loyalty 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Wednesday 31st January 2018 
 Aqua Shard, London 

Data is the backbone of marketing strategy. With volumes rapidly expanding, brands who harness customer data effectively will leap ahead. So how do you organise and optimise your data to deliver the digital experience today’s customers demand?

Join marketing, digital, customer experience and e-commerce leaders from the UK’s major brands to understand how to turn marketing data into a powerful asset.

  • What are the barriers that prevent companies from capturing the full value of customer data?
  • Moving from multiple, disparate data sources to a single view
  • Making sense out of the mass of information: unearthing deeper insight into behaviours and the buying journey
  • Enabling personalised content and communications
  • Harnessing data to build loyalty, improve retention and allocate marketing resources effectively
  • Using GDPR as an opportunity to develop a more strategic approach to customer data
  • Data as a differentiator: which brands will win?

This event is open to 12 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and Senior Managers in areas including Marketing, CRM, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Multichannel, Digital Experience, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing, Channel Marketing,  Customer Marketing, Customer Experience.


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