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Chief disruptor live march 2019 agenda

Day One: Business Chaos

Why Projects Fail | Complacency and Threat | The Amorphous Consumer

08:30 - 9:00 Arrival

09:00 - 09:10 Good Morning from Nimbus Ninety

With Emma Taylor, Managing Director, Nimbus Ninety

09:10 - 09:25 "We Were Almost Billionaires" - Ross Barry, Operating Partner, Prehype

Hear the story of a company that was on the cusp of success, only to be beaten by a more innovative competitor. How can you ensure your organisation isn't left behind?

09:30 - 09:45 The Complacency Index - Ben Legg, Managing Director UK, Ola

Looking at how the original digital darlings (Uber, Airbnb, etc) are now being disrupted by the likes of Ola Cabs and new unicorns. Complacency is when businesses assume that nothing will change, even as it changes. Who fits that profile in 2019? What’s the route to success?

09:50 - 10:05 The New Abnormal: Populism, Techlash and the next wave of Disruption -Mark Cliffe, Chief Economist, ING Bank

Forget ‘New Normal’ – we’re in a world of ongoing disruptive structural change. New digital technologies, many with exponential growth potential, have combined with the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis to disrupt business and society. A social and political backlash is creating a new wave of disruption. What are the scenarios from here?

10:05 - 10:35 Break

10:40 - 11:30 The Algorithmic Buyer

Solution Room:
What are the practical steps to take to start prepping for the 'post-friction' world? When people use smart agents to buy goods and services, how will that force the way we market ourselves to change? As AI becomes a more and more powerful tool in commerce, will the balance of power lie with customers, or large vendors?

Robert Fairfield, VP Operations, Trussle

11:35 - 12:25 Turning Brexit into Tech-xit

In March, Britain will leave the European Union. We bring you an economic and digital expert, who can guide you through what steps you must take to manage the process; whether that’s your Just-in-Time supply chains or your access to European Markets.

Pru Ashby, Head of Brexit & Key Accounts, London & Partners

Caroline Hazlehurst, Director of Operations - EMEA, Bird


10:40 - 11:30 The Experiential Bank

Computers were not aesthetic or sexy; Apple made them both. Now, financial services are at risk of becoming attractive and well-designed, which is no good for any of the incumbents. But is this what gives them a competitive advantage? Do they have a competitive advantage at all? Join this provocative session from a Challenger Bank which can explain how they explain their success to date.

Paul Clark, CTO, Tandem Bank
Helen Bierton, Head of Retail Bank, Starling Bank

11:35 - 12:25 The Long Term

“Short-termism” is a scourge. It was rated as the most likely cultural reason for digital project failure in our 2018 Digital Trends Report. Successful businesses tout their long-termism, from Amazon, to Unilever. What are the practical steps for making your business think long term? What are the planning processes? How do you structure incentives? We look at problems with short-termism, and how to remove them.

John O'Donovan, CTO, Allen and Overy
Chris Leigh-Currill, Multi Cloud Practice Lead, IBM Global Business Services, UK and Ireland, IBM

10:40 - 11:30 The Personal Standard

Personalise like Netflix. Personalise like Spotify. But what these masters of personalisation have in common is piles of content to sift through. Personalisation is supremely relevant: it’s what they do. What level of granularity is appropriate for your service? How to personalise without irritating the customer? “Trust” is vague. Ask: what does my relationship with my customer actually look like?

Kinnari Ladha, Global Head of Analytics & Business Intelligence, TUI Group
Joey Moore, Head of Evangelism, EMEA, Episerver

11:35 - 12:25 Reaching the Cloud: Accelerating Transformation and App Modernisation

From McDonald’s Face-Pay in China, or 2FA for Gmail, what will settle as the dominant way biometric keys unlock our services? And how should you prepare? Biometric data is extremely sensitive. Facebook acted as an arbiter of identity for many businesses, and was hacked - what are the security concerns of the biometric tide? Are there downsides to the mass collection of sensitive data?

Clive Grethe, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence and Application Transformation, Atos
Matt McNeill, Customer Engineering Director, Google Cloud

Professor Ashley George, President & Founder, Tech for Good

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch & Concept Tables

14:05 - 14:55 Your Customers and Their Data

Bring a story, and we’ll tell no-one... We hear some examples of the best and worst stories about customer data. We’ll answer: how can you best protect your customers data? Where are the risks on your end-to-end chain of customer data an how can you safeguard against them? And how do you make sure you’re GDPR compliant before there’s been any precedent?

Priya Khullar , Customer Experience, Insights and Data Analytics Business Lead, Sky

Kinnari Ladha, Global Head of Analytics & Business Intelligence, TUI Group

15:00 - 15:50 I WANT IT NOW

Solution Room:
The age of instantaneousness is here. We’re in the age of Deliveroo and Ocado and Uber EATS. We’re in the age of Amazon next-day delivery. One element of “friction”: what’s the effort investment and time frame between your customer wanting your product, and having it? The glamorous front-end is a facade; these require vast industrial back-ends that deliver products. It’s a world of partnerships and lorries and motorways. How do you make it “instant”?

Caroline Hazlehurst, Director of Operations - EMEA, Bird

14:05 - 14:55 Virtual Discovery

Expert Briefing:
Today, VR and AR have two use cases: training, and product discovery. Examine some of those uses with a VR/AR expert and hear how they’re being used in your peers’ businesses. These are wholly immersive learning tools: are they applicable to your business?

Tom Le Bree, Co-Founder, Beautonomy
Tom Charman, Co-Founder & CEO, NAVA

15:00 - 15:50 We're all "Unsustainable" Now

For some companies, the writing is on the wall. Long-term decline is obvious; a forthcoming technology may make your product redundant, or its rolling out anyway. We'll discuss examples of companies which have examined a prospective long-term decline: and how they’re planning to fight back.

Manjula Lee, CEO, World Wide Generation

Casey Brennan, Campaign Director, Canopy

14:05 - 14:55 Platformification

Speed Dating:
One of the benefits of a platform business model is that it enables you to iterate new products on existing customer relationships. But how do you do this without diluting your original business? What are some examples of this done extremely well? We discuss platforms and how you can iterate service Y on top of service X.

Nick Lisher, UK Country Manager, Nextdoor
James McClure, GM International, SeatGeek

15:00 - 15:50 Filter Bubbles: Establishing Diversity through Thought

Speed Dating:
Most organisations purport to want people who “think differently”. But most people judge competence based on their similarity. “Diversity of thought” is vital for business success. How can you ensure a wide range of competencies, ideas and attitudes in your organisation in the age of filter bubbles? And how do you arrange those people so that you enhance your strength, rather than slowing your business down?

Pips Bunce, Director/Head of Global Markets Technology Core Engineering Strategic Programs, Credit Suisse
Ashleigh Ainsley, Co-Founder, Colorintech

15:50 - 16:20 Break

16:25 - 17:05 The New Digital Entrants - ViaVan, Look After My Bills, Lendable, ELEM Biotech

Best in class: how did the digital darlings get to where they are today? What trends are they riding? And how can your organisation ride the same wave? Will they disrupt their industries? Or is there still room for them to fail?

Jessica Oppetit, General Manager, London UK, ViaVan
Will Hodson, Co-Founder, Look After My Bills
Livia van Strydonck, Head of Operations, Lendable
Christopher Morton, CEO, ELEM Biotech

17:10 - 17:30 Visionary Keynote, Turning it Around - Zach Brand, Chief Digital Officer, Guardian News & Media

We've talked a lot about failure - but here are some businesses who faced ruin, and turned it around.

17:35 - 19:30 Networking Drinks with R/GA

"The Mixologist" - R/GA Address

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