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How does technology affect society? What does it mean to be a digital citizen?

We’re examining questions around digital citizenship. Our roles as citizens are more complex than ever in the digital age. Platforms have changed the ways we interact with information and have empowered citizens with all the knowledge they could need.

But the rise in information has also led to a rise in fake news, information warfare and tribalism. In this edition, we are looking at the role of the “citizen” and how it is set to change in the context of digital.

A taste of what's inside:

  • Civilisation - Nimbus Ninety’s take on ways platforms can govern their users.
  • Dr Sue Black, OBE, discusses how education needs to be reformed and why there is a dearth of women in tech.
  • Voices From the Community: Hear from Nimbus Ninety members on what technology is impacting their organisation the most.
  • Aleks Krotoski, host of BBC’s 4 Digital Human Series, explains the psychology of digital identities.
  • MoviePass: From Cradle to Grave? Read about the start-up hemorrhaging money that nobody can fix. What went wrong?
  • Phoebe Courtley, Director of Digital Experience at Coutts, discusses how private banking needs to transform to effectively compete in the digital age.
  • Guest contributor Fleur Kitchingman, former General Counsel of the North American division of a construction service business, discusses how artificial intelligence can disrupt the legal industry.
  • Nora Toure, VP of Strategy for the Ivaldi Group, talks about the rise and fall of 3D printing in the hype cycle, and what the potential for 3D printing is today.
  • Eric Yuan, ranked #1 on Glassdoor’s Top CEOs list, discusses his journey creating a 100-million-dollar technology business.


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Learn about cultural change driven by technology, and how it affects business in our insight-rich magazine

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