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Cloud Goals: Mastering Multi-Cloud 

Realise your digital ambitions 

 08:00 - 11:00 

 Tuesday 24 September 2019 
 IBM, Southbank 

Your digital ambitions cannot flourish without cloud. Bringing intuitive experiences and data-rich services to life depends on your multi-cloud strategy and ongoing management.

Explore, realign and recharge your #cloudgoals at our rapid-fire breakfast workshop, facilitated by Gavin Esler.

08.00 Breakfast and Networking
08.30 Welcome and Introduction
08.40 Purposeful Innovation at Scale

How do you get from current experimentation to industrial-strength innovation?
Learn how and when to move initiatives out of the lab and into mission-critical business
processes and workflows. Explore how to integrate trusted AI, automation, blockchain and
Internet of Things to become a cognitive enterprise on the hybrid cloud.

08.55 Mastering the Move to Multi-Cloud

Many organisations are multi-cloud. Why should you do it and how do you get there? We will take a step-by-step look at the decisions you need to make to move to multi-cloud, the top risks and challenges of transitions, and how to manage complexity. 

09.10 It's complicated: de-risking digital transformation

Building the digital business means confronting technical debt. We give 5 considerations for de-risking transformation, and how measuring the impact of legacy and technical debt can enable business to move on. 

Phil Scully, CIO, Costa

09.25 Interactive panel: Achieving Cloud Goals - the realities
  • How do you know if multi-cloud is right for you, or is it inevitable? 
  • Why does 80% of workload remain unmigrated?
  • Where are the points of tension across the business?
  • What cloud goals get put into the "too hard" box - and why?
  • What are realistic but ambitious cloud goals?

09.55 Introduce the Workshops

10.00 Coffee and Move to Workshops

10.05 Interactive Workshops: Real-Life Cloud Journeys


10.15 - Priorities & Pain Points
10.20 - Roundtables / Presentations
10.50 - Resolutions

Three Streams:

Purposeful Innovation at Scale
Roadmap to Resilience
Technical Debt & the Digital Transformation of Legacy Environments

11.00 Session ends and Networking Brunch

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Facilitator - Gavin Esler

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Gavin Esler is an award winning television and radio broadcaster, writer and journalist. He is also an event host, a moderator for business conferences and a lecturer on subjects as diverse as British and American politics, communications and the future of
the media.


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This event is for 40 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects whose responsibilities include infrastructure, technology, transformation, architect, enterprise, cybersecurity, quality, logistics, operations, information technology, innovation, agility and DevOps.

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