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Cloud Goals: Mastering Multi-Cloud 

Realise your digital ambitions 

 08:00 - 11:00 

 Tuesday 24 September 2019 
 IBM, Southbank 

Your digital ambitions cannot flourish without cloud. Bringing intuitive experiences and data-rich services to life depends on your multi-cloud strategy and ongoing management.

Explore, realign and recharge your #cloudgoals at our rapid-fire breakfast workshop, facilitated by Gavin Esler.

08.00 Breakfast and Networking
08.30 Welcome and Introduction
08.40 Purposeful Innovation at Scale

How do you get from current experimentation to industrial-strength innovation?
Learn how and when to move initiatives out of the lab and into mission-critical business
processes and workflows. Explore how to integrate trusted AI, automation, blockchain and
Internet of Things to become a cognitive enterprise on the hybrid cloud.
Nick Drouet, Chief Architect, IBM

08.55 Mastering the Move to Multi-Cloud

Many organisations are multi-cloud. Why should you do it and how do you get there? We will take a step-by-step look at the decisions you need to make to move to multi-cloud, the top risks and challenges of transitions, and how to manage complexity. 

George Tunnicliffe, Head of IT Operations, The National Theatre

09.10 It's complicated: de-risking digital transformation

Building the digital business means confronting technical debt. We give 5 considerations for de-risking transformation, and how measuring the impact of legacy and technical debt can enable business to move on. 

Phil Scully, CIO, Costa

09.25 Interactive panel: Achieving Cloud Goals - the realities
  • How do you know if multi-cloud is right for you, or is it inevitable? 
  • Why does 80% of workload remain unmigrated?
  • Where are the points of tension across the business?
  • What cloud goals get put into the "too hard" box - and why?
  • What are realistic but ambitious cloud goals?

George Tunnicliffe, Head of IT Operations, The National Theatre
Phil Scully, CIO, Costa
Nick Drouet, Chief Architect, IBM
Flick March, IBM Europe Cyber Resilience SME, IBM

09.55 Introduce the Workshops

10.00 Coffee and Move to Workshops

10.05 Interactive Workshops: Real-Life Cloud Journeys


10.15 - Priorities & Pain Points
10.20 - Roundtables / Presentations
10.50 - Resolutions

Three Streams:

Purposeful Innovation at Scale - The IBM Garage Methodology
   Michael Blumenthal, IBM
Roadmap to Resilience
   Flick March, IBM
Technical Debt & the Digital Transformation of Legacy Environments
   Nick Drouet, IBM & Nichol Riggot, IBM

11.00 Session ends and Networking Refreshments

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Facilitator - Gavin Esler

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Gavin Esler is an award winning television and radio broadcaster, writer and journalist. He is also an event host, a moderator for business conferences and a lecturer on subjects as diverse as British and American politics, communications and the future of
the media.



Speaker - Nick Drouet

Nick Drouet

Nick is a technologist, architect, leader and and Explainer in Chief to many of IBM’s flagship clients. He has spent the last 21 years in IBM working in all industries, deploying many new technologies in the past such as OS/2, NT4 - most of which are now legacy. In order to atone for his previous sins, Nick has mastered the art of migration and works with our clients to build and execute strategies for transformation, optimisation and modernisation of their IT landscapes and enabling their Digital Transformation journeys. 

Often working at the leading and bleeding edges of technology, Nick is sought out by clients and colleagues alike for an opinion on the direction of travel for new technologies, and is our go-to expert for making emerging platforms work for our clients. 

Nick lives in London, having moved here from Canada a long time ago, has family roots in both Ireland and France, and has an identical twin who looks nothing like him. 

Speaker - Flick March

Felicity March (1)

Felicity has spent her life immersed in technology and is passionate about ensuring companies build Resilience right into the core of their strategy and architecture. She understands the importance of Transformation into the Digital World as well as the risks of not having services available. 

Felicity started her career as a hacker, and has worked for technology giants for over 25 years, in that time she has worked and advised Companies, Governments and Standards bodies on the emerging IT trends and ensuring integrity and sustainability is baked into the heart of IT. 
Felicity has a wealth of expertise and experience throughout her career and her insights and perspective are refreshing. She also is an advocate of driving STEM skills in to the younger generation and is an active mentor and coach to the next generation of technologists. 
Felicity lives in Winchester with her family, three dogs and not enough motorbikes. 


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