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 Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy 

 4 vital strategic initiatives for 2020 and beyond 

 08:40 - 10:30 

 Thursday 2 April 2020 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place via Online Conferencing 

With the global economy experiencing radical shifts, IT leaders are facing a set of challenges unlike anything witnessed in the recent past.

Major changes to products and supply chains, a sharp increase in home working, new demands on front line staff as customers seek information - these unprecedented developments will require maximum agility as businesses grapple with new priorities. Existing challenges will escalate. Huge data volumes and shifts in flows will test approaches to cloud, data and applications.

What are the strategic imperatives in this challenging environment? Join IT leaders for cross-industry learning on 4 critical aspects of technology strategy.


08.40 Join

08.45 Welcome by Nimbus Ninety

08.50 Equinix

09.00 Case Studies

09.15 Interactive Discussion Groups

  • Discussion 1: Next Generation Infrastructures and  IT Operating Models
  • Discussion 2: Customer Experience Edge: Beyond Digital First to Digital Only?
  • Discussion 3: Driving Value from Data: Navigating Volume, Velocity and Variety
  • Discussion 4: Innovation Edge: Coherence from Pilot to Scale

10.00 Lessons Learnt

10.30 Thank You & Close

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This event is for 35 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects in transformation, data, IT, digital, strategy, infrastructure, innovation, architect, integration, operations, cloud, applications, platform, network, enterprise, and delivery.

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