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 Connect More: How To De-risk Your Enterprise App Integrations 

 The path to faster, safer enterprise application releases 
18:00 - 19:30  BST 
 Tuesday 25 May 2021 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom 

Modern enterprise applications such as SAP and Salesforce make it easier than ever to connect applications, data, and processes across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. These integrations let you optimize operations across lines of business and drive delightful customer experiences. But when your application landscape is being continuously updated, upgraded, and customized, a defect in any one release could lead to disaster for your business.

Join us for an insightful investigation into how continuous end-to-end test automation can de-risk your enterprise integrations, letting you accelerate innovation while ensuring business continuity.

18:00 Join

18:05 Welcome by Emma Taylor, Founder of Nimbus Ninety 

18:10 Wine tasting introduction

18:20 Connect More: How to de-risk your enterprise app integrations
Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare and Packaged Applications, Tricentis

18:30 Wine tasting

18:40 Live Poll

18:45 Wine tasting

18:50 Fireside Chat

Chandan Narkar, Global Head of Test, HSBC Global Services
Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare and Packaged Applications, Tricentis

  • What are your responses to the poll results? 
  • What are the common challenges when it comes to testing enterprise applications? 
  • What are the biggest risks that organisations face when releasing new updates? 
  • How do you reconcile the need for speed and the quality imperative when it comes to testing enterprise applications?
  • Have you seen any organisations that are successfully leveraging continuous end-to-end test automation? How did they embark on that journey? 
  • What are your top tips for getting started on the continuous end-to-end test automation journey? 

19:25 Closing Remarks

19:30 Thank You and Close


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Chandan Narkar, Global Head of Test, HSBC Global Services
Chandan Narkar is the Global Head of Test at HSBC Global Services

Chandan Narkar is the Global Head of Test at HSBC Global Services. He is an experienced Business & IT Leader, skilled in Global Delivery and Strategy with a demonstrated history of working in the banking, financial services & telecommunication industry. Chandan holds an Executive MBA from London Business School and a Bachelor or Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare, Tricentis
Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman is responsible for the Tricentis Packaged Application Solutions. He has a particular interest in the application of AI Change Impact Analysis to optimise testing of SAP applications. He joined Tricentis in 2019 following the acquisition of IntelliCorp, where he was CTO. He still occasionally gets to write code.


Join us at Embarking On The Devops Journey With Enterprise Applications for a discussion on how to build the foundations for a centralised DevOps programme and proven strategies for evolving traditional packaged application quality processes to accommodate DevOps speed.

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