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 Digital Customer Experience and
 Personalisation Dinner

 The next wave of personalisation: transforming digital
 customer experience and delivering ROI 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Tuesday 30 January 2018 
 Peel Room, South Place Hotel  

Start your journey now at this interactive dinner

There are so many organisations talking about customer personalisation but few actually understand how to truly achieve this, and at the most granular level of 1:1 personalisation. Experimentation and real-time testing of customer segments, throughout the entire online customer journey, allows organisations to predict future trends with greater accuracy. Organisations using this methodology benefit from greater cost reductions as well as happier customers and improved ROI.

Discussion topics at this dinner will include:

  • How to transform digital customer experiences in a continually changing landscape of user behaviour
  • The breadth of experimentation to deliver ROI and minimise risk
  • Building a solid vision, strategy and roadmap to gain significant ROI
  • How you can leverage every part of the digital customer journey
  • Real-time testing to predict user behaviour and future trends
  • Understanding or extracting values from lessons learnt from other organisations
  • Understanding the power of real-time testing and experimentation
  • Creating clarity for your customers when you have a variety of products
  • Which of the latest technologies should you be considering for your business

This event is open to C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and IT/business decision makers who are knowledgeable about and an influencer of their organisation’s digital strategy and agenda.

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