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 Customer Experience Masterclass 

 Rethinking and rebuilding Customer Experience Management   strategy 

 08:30 - 11:30 

 Tuesday 5 June 2018 


County Hall, London  

08.30 Arrive & breakfast

09.00 Introduction

09.05 Interactive ice-breaker session

  • Live polling to form leagues table of top Customer Experience Management (CEM) challenges

09.15 Short presentation: what are the trends shaping CEM today?

After years of investment in customer experience technology and platforms, organisations are challenged to ensure their CEM strategy can keep up with the pace of change and match the expectations of today’s digitally demanding customers. With more technology than ever before at our disposal, this short presentation unearths the top trends shaping the customer experience.

09.30 Interactive session

Using the points below as a guide, build a roadmap for CEM strategy with your expert facilitators.

      Issues to address

  • What are the core building blocks of CEM strategy today?
  • What are the outcomes the business is looking for? And how do you match these with your customers priorities?
  • Exploring the links between customer satisfaction, retention and overall performance
  • Saving on cost without compromising on performance
  • What are the ‘right’ KPIs to measure and monitor CEM? What KPIs drive the behaviours you need?

      The roadmap: CEM strategy to build loyalty with today’s demanding customers

  • What does ‘success’ look like?
  • Which areas cause the most friction?
  • What timeframes can you plan for?
  • Identifying quick wins vs planning for the long term
  • Top 5-10 action points

10.30 Break

10.40 Case Study: O2 Digital

Capita / O2 Digital - demonstrate how to build an effective multichannel strategy for a powerful customer experience in the highly competitive and dynamic mobile telecoms sector.

11.00 Interactive group session: Adapting CEM strategy in a fast-paced and competitive markets  

Putting a specific pain point under the microscope enables you to gain real insight into where your CEM strategy may be exposed. Working together as a group, you’ll mind map a range of solutions to a critical and common challenge.

  1. Choose one pain point
  2. Mind map possible solutions and responses
  3. Feedback and discussion throughout

11.30 Wrap up and Close

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This event is for 24 x C-level, VPs, Directors, and Heads in areas including operations, data, digital, information, marketing, technology, customer experience, innovation, transformation, change, integration, strategy, user experience, omni-channel, insight, customer journey, contact centre, loyalty, sales, client, creative, and consumer experience.

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