Calvary & Guards Club

 The Humans are Coming... 

 Cybersecurity, Risk and Generation Z 
 18:00 - 21:30 
 Monday 19 November 2018 
  The Cavalry and Guards Club, London 

The workforce is changing. ‘Digital natives’ are beginning their careers. Social media, gaming and apps have shaped their methods of communication and notions of privacy. Technology is intuitive, omnipresent and to a large extent, puts them in control. This is the experience new generations have come to expect.

How does security policy adapt and balance the needs of the 18-80 workforce? How does security support the flexible, on-demand, cloud-based working that characterises the modern organisation?

Join this evening event to explore why the workforce is different, what new behaviours are emerging and how security strategy needs to adapt.


18:00 Registration opens.  Drinks reception

18.25 Welcome and introduction

18.30 The 18-80 workforce: behaviours, expectations and challenges

18.45 Adaptive security for the multi-generational workplace

19.00 A new generation of security culture  

19.15 Panel Discussion

  • How is flexible and remote working creating new cybersecurity risks?
  • Cybersecurity for the ‘emoji generation’: what challenges will Gen Z present as they enter the workforce?
  • What is the impact of a workforce with increasingly diverse digital literacy?
  • How can CISOs support the digitally innovative, on-demand workplace without compromising users’ personal privacy?
  • What are the challenges of maintaining the human-centered approach to security across an increasingly complex IT estate?

20.00 Drinks, canapés and networking

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This event is for senior stakeholders responsible for driving digital transformation initiatives within their organisations.

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