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Calvary & Guards Club

 The Humans are Coming... 

 Cybersecurity: facing the ultimate disruptor 
 18:00 - 21:30 
 Monday 9 July 2018 
  The Cavalry and Guards Club, London 

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and global in their nature, with cybercrime now the most significant growing threat in the UK. But as vast amounts of data and IP move fluidly across teams and departments, where do the threats to your organisation really lie?

A true picture of the spectrum of human behaviour and interactions is critical for cybersecurity strategy.

Organisations are increasingly at risk of major cyber attack, resulting in financial and reputational losses. Yet for a surprising number, in a rush to lock down systems from intruders, overlook the risks posed by human actions.  This results in a failure to engender an effective risk management culture and training.

Join senior peers to explore the new threats rapidly emerging and how a deeper insight into human behaviour could reshape security strategy.


18:00 Registration opens.  Drinks reception

18.25 Welcome and introduction

18.30 Today's real threats - and how to fight them without going broke in the process

Angela Sasse, Professor of Human-Centred Security, UCL, and Director, Research Institute of    Science in Cybersecurity

18.45 Innovation in cybersecurity

Julia Spain, Security Director, GSK

19.00 The human touch - security in the digital age

Peter Heim, VP & Regional Sales Director EMEA- User & Entity Behavioral Analytics, Forcepoint

19.15 Panel Discussion

Angela Sasse, Professor of Human-Centred Security, UCL, and Director, Research Institute of Science in Cybersecurity

Julia Spain, Security Director, GSK

Peter Heim, VP & Regional Sales Director EMEA- User & Entity Behavioral Analytics, Forcepoint

Rhiannon Lawson, Head of Technology Policy, Government Digital Service

  • What are the principal threats facing organisations today? What is the balance between internal and external risks?
  • What are the primary vehicles used by organisations to detect internal cyber vulnerabilities?
  • How do you avoid the ‘Big Brother’ approach to security policy?
  • How will technologies such as AI and blockchain alter the security landscape?
  • What skills and training are necessary to keep pace with constantly evolving threats?  
  • Why is the human aspect routinely overlooked, despite it being the most common and costly source of cyber security incident?

20.00 Drinks, canapés and networking

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This event is for C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and Senior Managers who are senior stakeholders responsible for driving digital transformation initiatives within their organisations.

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