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Defence In A Competitive Age: From Concept To Reality

Defence In a Competitive Age: From Concept To Reality

Programme THEIA: The British Army’s Digital Transformation Programme


09:00 - 09:45 BST

Monday 4 October 2021
Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom

The 2021 Defence Command Paper, Defence in a Competitive Age, outlines a vision for the UK Armed Forces to become, “one of the most integrated, digital, and agile forces in the world”.

A key part of this is Programme THEIA, the Army’s Digital Transformation Programme, which is at the heart of the British Army Land Operating Concept and Army Operating Model. It also seeks to improve the Army’s integration with industry, partners, and allies, underpin its ambitions to be a significant contributor to HMG’s Global Britain strategy, and deliver an “asymmetric Army for the Digital Age”.

Programme THEIA’s objectives are to:

  • Change digital culture and behaviours, equipping our people with digital skills, and promoting new digital ways of working
  • Integrate all information from command and control, intelligence, sensors, effectors and platforms across domains, partners and allies
  • Deliver better data and enabling better operational and corporate competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Join this webinar in order to learn what progress the Army has made on this journey, and what its next steps will be.

09:00 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety
Richard Morgan, Founder, Nimbus Ninety Defence

09:05 Programme THEIA update
Brigadier Stefan Crossfield, Head Of Information Exploitation - Chief Data Officer, British Army

09:15 Response

Kelly Wilson, Head of ICT Business Strategy & Finance, Scottish Government

09:25 Q&A

09:45 Close

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Brigadier Stefan B CrossfieldBrigadier Stefan Crossfield

Head of Information Exploitation & Chief Data Officer

British Army
Following attendance at Sandhurst Brig Stefan Crossfield was commissioned in to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME in 1992. As a subaltern he served in Bosnia,  Macedonia and Kosovo. Following these operational tours, he returned to the UK to serve with 7 Bn REME where he was selected for promotion to Maj and moved to become an instructor in Aborfield. 

Selection for ACSC 9 saw Brig Crossfield move to Shrivenham and study for a Masters degree before Staff College, after which he was selected for sub-unit command in 4 Close Support  Battalion REME in Bordon. During this tour he deployed for an extended period to BATUS on the safety staff and commanded an ES Company on Op HERRICK 6. From sub-unit command, Brig Crossfield moved back to Shrivenham to join the staff course directing staff. During this  assignment he was selected as XO of a teaching division and subsequently promoted to  Lieutenant Colonel. His initial assignment as a Lieutenant Colonel was as the Force Development lead for Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Army). Entering the FD arena at a time of  unprecedented change saw Brig Crossfield move to work for Director Force Development ahead of the SDSR and then join the core Army 2020 team for 10 months. 

Brig Crossfield took command of 6 Armoured Close Support Battalion REME in 2012 just before Op HERRICK 18. On his return he was selected for promotion to Colonel and temporarily acted as DCOS 3 (UK) Division.  

Brig Crossfield has more recently delivered the narrative describing the military offer as COS to DPers, and completed an Academic External Placement at Exeter University securing an MBA with Distinction in 2018. He served as DACOS YELLOWHAMMER in Jan 2019, completed a short tenure as DACOS Current Plans in HQ Home Command and upon promotion to Brigadier joined Army HQ as Head Information Exploitation (IX) in late 2020. As Hd IX, Brig Crossfield also fulfils the role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the British Army. 

Brig Crossfield is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He is also a Chartered Manager and has a Masters Degree in Information Systems. 


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