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 Delivering through Adversity 

 Short and mid-term imperatives to reposition for a new future 

 08:15 - 10:30 BST 

 Thursday 18 June 2020 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom 

Industries are rising to the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19. The response requires new strategies to keep businesses running, find new efficiencies, and reprioritise projects.

IT and business leaders are under pressure to deliver remote working at scale, boost automation, optimise infrastructure to deal with mass shifts to online, all whilst supporting huge data volumes.

Join fellow technology and business leaders at this interactive virtual event to share experiences and hash out short and mid-term strategies to deliver priorities and strengthen business for the future.

08.15 One-to-one business meetings

08.40 Join

08.45 Welcome by Nimbus Ninety

08.50 Delivering the 'New Normal'

09.00 Global Service Delivery in a Challenging Environment
Hanna Tyrrell, IT Delivery & Operations, Royal Dutch Shell

09.15 Strategy Building Groups
Resolve pain points, build strategies and learn how other industries are responding to change at this critical time.   Members are invited to bring a specific problem relating to one of the themes.

  • Strategy Build 1: Data Innovation
    Enabling data-driven innovation to make the best decisions and reposition for the long term
    • Would you already describe yourself as a data driven company or is this one of your future aims?
    • How have data volumes shifted during the crisis and response?
    • What projects are required to maximise the value from data?
    • What are the implications of mass remote working on data and infrastructure strategy?
  • Strategy Build 2: Service Delivery
    Deliver digital infrastructure for maximum efficiency and resilience, tackle critical service delivery challenges and support a decentralised workforce.
    • How can remote access at scale be delivered and managed?
    • What are the options for tackling Shadow IT?
    • What are the options to embed resilience for the long term?
  • Strategy Build 3: Digital Experience Delivery
    As footfall in physical spaces reduces, how can businesses accelerate and optimise the delivery of online services?
    • What challenges does the shift to online present?
    • How are data and connectivity demands changing?
    • How can faster digital experiences be delivered at the edge?
  • Strategy Build 4: Re-Prioritising Transformation Objectives
    Digital transformation initiatives are realigning. Discuss the challenges and successes.
    • How have digital transformation priorities changed?
    • What is the impact on innovation and integrating new technologies?
    • Strategies to manage risk and ROI

10.00 Lessons learnt from each Strategy Build

10.20 Conclusions

10.30 Close and one-to-one business meetings

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Hanna Tyrrell


Hanna is a leader in IT Delivery & Operations who works with complex organisations to deliver the most challenging of demands through times of difficulty and uncertainty. She believes in delivery through people, and driving for what an organization needs which may not always be what it initially wants.  Over the past two decades, Hanna has worked with companies such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, CSC, Hewlett Packard and Royal Dutch Shell. Her achievements range from deploying IT systems for Front Line Operations in the Iraq War; delivering IT and construction programmes for the next generation of military air-to-air refueling tankers at RAF Brize Norton; and most recently navigating Shell’s core operations business through the Covid-19 crisis and enabling critical functions to deliver through a global lockdown.



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