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 Digital Body Language Dinner 

 How to create loyalty-driving customer experiences in 2018: getting to grips with human behaviour and digital body language 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Wednesday 13 June 2018 
Mews of Mayfair, London 

A deeper understanding of the customer is essential for brands to succeed in today’s competitive digital economy. However, are companies failing to identify vital behaviours and emotions amongst the mass of interactions, that could reshape the digital experience?

Join senior ecommerce and marketing leaders from major brands to explore the latest thinking on how developing a sophisticated picture of your consumers could radically alter your approach to building experiences.

Dr Shira Agasi will share some of her work, delving into how understanding your customers’ “digital body language” can help deliver better customer experience, before a fascinating roundtable discussion amongst industry peers.

  • Why we need to reframe our approach to experience in 2018 – are we delivering on our contract with the customer?
  • What is digital body language and why it is important in today’s online economy?
  • How can you effectively measure emotional reactions to gain a deeper understanding of customer expectations?
  • Analysing each digital interaction on a micro-level: what tools are required to make sense of the mass of data?
  • What are the best methods to keep track of customer experience across multiple touch points?
  • Developing the right KPIs for a fast-paced, high traffic marketplace: do current measures of success need to change?
  • Looking to the future of retail: what will define success for the digital brands of tomorrow?

 Speaker - Dr Shira Agasi

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Dr Shira Agasi has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from the University of Toronto. She uses her understanding of the psychology and sociology of how people interact with organisations and brands to uncover their decision-making and cognitive processes. Her work at Clicktale centers on translating the implicit cues of consumers into actionable behavioural insights. Shira’s approach to consumer behaviours through form analytics gives Clicktale the ability to pinpoint which areas in the form relate to poor lifetime value and trust in a brand, and which enhance them, as well as to distinguish between visitors’ intent and motivation to share information with a brand. 

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Please note this event is for 12 x C-level, VPs, Directors, and Heads in areas including marketing, customer experience, data, digital, product, mobile, innovation and strategy.

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