Future of Brands does Breakfast 

 From Legacy to Disruptor: how to fundamentally change your model and mindset 
 08:00 - 10:30 
 Thursday 27 September 2018 
 The Ivy, Tower Bridge 

To win in the experience economy, technology investment on its own is not enough. A more profound shift, encompassing mindset and operating model, is required. How do you instigate a deeper level of change? What is the path from legacy brand to disruptor?

Join fellow technology and business leaders to build a roadmap to deep-level digital change.

08.00 Arrive and breakfast
08.30 Introduction
  • Who are the Top 5 leaders in the experience economy and why?

08.40 Presentation: The forces disrupting brands today
  • The highs and lows of the experience economy
  • Challenges for established brands 
  • Why do digital initiatives fall short? What can you do about it? 
  • Technology’s role in disruption

08.55 Interactive session: The full lifecycle planning approach

What is the lifecycle planning approach to lasting digital change? Understand how this step-by-step process aligns experience with capability.

Herb Van Der Raad, Head of Consulting, Cognifide

09.15 Interactive session

Put the lifecycle planning model to the test with two hypothetical case studies. Our facilitators will guide you through through each step to:

  • Define strategy
  • Build experience
  • Identify the capabilities: People, Process, Operating Model, Technology, Data
  • Measure success

10.10 Feedback and discussion

10.30 Session ends

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This event is for 15 x C-level, VPs, Directors, and Heads whose responsibilities include transformation, technology, information, marketing, digital, e-commerce, customers, new markets, growth, or platforms.

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