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Future of Brands does Breakfast

 The value-defined customer journey
 08:30 - 10:30 
 Wednesday 11 July 2018 
 The Ivy, Tower Bridge 

Smart brands make their values the foundation of the customer journey. How do you translate
identity and purpose across the spectrum of digital experiences?

08.00 Arrive and breakfast
08.30 Introduction
  • Defining Brand Values
  • Closing the gaps between your values, and those of your customers.
08.40 Presentation: The potential of purpose: leading digital with values and identity
  • What are the common gaps between your brand identity and your customers’ digital experience?
  • When and why do brands fail to make each interaction ‘meaningful’?
  • Gen Z and beyond - adapting the experience to match future generations’ values
  • Exploring mobile as the gateway to omnichannel
  • Bridging digital and physical experiences
Possible and Sitecore

09.05 Interactive session - From Strategy to Implementation
Choose between strategy or implementation - build a roadmap to value-driven customer
journeys with our expert facilitators

Drill deeper into the right strategy to build in values every step of the journey

  • What ‘experience’ do you really want to provide? How is it defined and communicated
  • Exploiting the complexity of today’s personalised customer journeys
  • Identifying weaknesses and anticipating pitfalls
  • Future-proofing - the trends that will challenge brand identity
Discover the practical steps to implementing the value-defined customer journey
  • New approaches to understanding and mapping the customer journey
  • Building in values at each interaction
  • Tools to innovate, test and refine. Measuring the quality and resonance of your experience
  • What are the options for scaling at speed?

10.00 Top 3 takeaways
10.10 Feedback and group discussion
10.30 Session ends

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This event is for 15 x C-level, VPs, Directors, and Heads in areas including transformation, technology, information, marketing, digital, e-commere, customer, new markets, growth, platform.

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