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GDPR & Compliance in the Cloud Dinner 

 GDPR and Compliance in the cloud: achieving visibility of   data-related risk 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Tuesday 20th March 2018 
  Sherwood Room, Ham Yard Hotel 

With the deadline approaching, compliance with GDPR is focusing minds. Organisations operating a multi-cloud environment face a specific set of challenges, as complex IT estates present unique risks.

Join senior peers from security, technology, compliance and data protection to explore how to identify and mitigate data-related risks, without disruption to cloud enabled digital transformation.

  • The cloud and compliance - what are the principal unresolved risks presented by cloud-based applications and services as the GDPR deadline looms?
  • Mapping personal data across the business: which tools provide visibility of disparate data across a complex IT estate?
  • What is the impact of Shadow IT on compliance with GDPR? How can ‘shadow data’ be uncovered to minimise this point of failure?
  • Can a deeper understanding of user behaviours enable you to adapt processes and mitigate data-related risk? How can you adopt a more human centric approach to security?
  • What are the common blindspots caused by the multitude of cloud-based applications?  
  • How can you execute data controls rapidly once a flaw is discovered?
  • Taking stock of complex data supply chain: ensuring the appropriate controls are in place with third parties
  • Balancing competing priorities: how do you deliver robust security alongside the pressures of rapid digital transformation?

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Please note this event is for 12 x C-level, VPs, Directors and Heads of in areas including Information Security, IT Strategy, Legal, HR, Privacy, Innovation, Risk, Governance and Compliance.

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