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 How To Excel In The Efficiency Era 

 Leveraging sales order automation for unparalleled customer experience 


 08:40 - 10:00 BST 

 Wednesday 9 June 2021 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom 

In our 2021 Digital Trends Report, digitising and automating processes topped the list of initiatives considered most effective for enhancing the customer experience. As businesses move into the recovery phase from the impacts of the pandemic, modernising and accelerating digital transformation has never been more important when competing for new and existing customers.

However, with reduced cashflow impacting organisations across industries, it is critical to manage demand spikes effectively without increasing headcount. Instead, leveraging automation allows businesses to create efficiencies to drive revenue and strategic growth, as well as allowing customer service reps to focus on value-add tasks rather than repetitive manual data input. But how can sales order automation lead your organisation into an era of efficiency? And how can it solve the shortcomings of RPA?

Join other CX, operations and digital transformation leaders to explore how sales order automation can differentiate you from your competitors and lay the foundations for exceptional customer experience.

08.40 Join

08.45 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.50 How to Excel in the Efficiency Era 

Dom Aelberry, Vice President, EMEA, Conexiom

Discussion throughout the keynote to include the following:

  1. How has the past year influenced your customer journey and the way your organisation views customer experience?

  2. What do you perceive to be your areas of weakness when it comes to customer experience? How do these impact your motivating drivers towards automation?

  3. Where do you see opportunities to improve your customer experience? How do these impact your priorities particularly regarding automation and process efficiency?

09.15 The Journey to Exceptional Customer Experience 

Chris Jones, Enterprise Sales Europe, Conexiom

09.25 Key Takeaways & Additional Questions

9:40 Close

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