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Our three-part webinar series took organisations on the journey to data excellence.

Nimbus Ninety’s Digital Trends Report 2021 revealed that the number one digital initiative for business leaders in the next 6 months was to get more value out of their data. But reaching data nirvana is no mean feat: the pressure is on for digital leaders to modernise their infrastructure in order to build the foundations for AI-driven insights that can supercharge innovation. 

Our members brought their most pressing challenges to our experts and hear our panel bust the biggest myths around modernisation, data maturity and AI-driven analytics. We will be dissecting common problem statements for each part of the maturity journey with our expert panels, as well as hearing industry success stories and how they got there. 


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Untangling Spaghetti Infrastructure


Mohit Joshi, Head of Data Science and Engineering, Collinson Group
Anthony Smith, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture, Jones Lang LaSalle
James Allerton Austin, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy, Oracle EMEA

Our first episode delved into the biggest problem statements that organisations come up against throughout their cloud migration journey, and how to tackle them while maintaining business as usual.

With a scene-setter from Nimbus Ninety on where industries are with getting the most out of their data.

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Accessing the Hidden Data Economy


Andy Isaacs, Head of Data & Analytics, UKTV 
Nick King, Market Research and Insight Director, Auto Trader Limited
Michael Connaughton, Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, Oracle EMEA

One of the major barriers to getting value out of data is that many organisations don’t actually know the value of their data. It sits in pockets around the enterprise, inaccessible but with stacks of potential. This episode will investigate how to unlock value from your hidden data in order to drive benefits across the value chain and cultivate a culture of innovation.

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Christos Varsakelis, AI Lead, Johnson & Johnson
Natasha Gray, VP Global Head of Data & Analytics, ViiV Healthcare
Jon Roughley, Head of Data Exchange, Experian
Michael Connaughton, Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, Oracle EMEA

An organisation’s ability to leverage AI-powered data analytics can really fly once it is in the cloud. We’ll be hearing from a business that has utilised AI and machine learning to supercharge their data insights and reduce operational inefficiencies so that they can get back to the seriously value-adding stuff: innovation.

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Christos Varsakelis

Christos Varsakelis, AI Lead, Johnson & Johnson

Christos Varsakelis leads the AI/ML compound profiling team in the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies aiming at the acceleration of drug discovery & development timelines. Prior to joining Janssen, Christos was a Senior Manager of Global Analytics & Innovation in GSK Vaccines focusing on in silico process development. Besides working in the pharmaceutical industry, Christos has accumulated professional experience that spans Geoconsulting, the stock market and the chemical industry. Christos is on hold for a PhD in fluid mechanics in UCLouvain in Belgium. He also holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His motto is innovation = cash.

Jonathan Roughley

Jon Roughley, Head of Data Exchange, Experian

Jon leads the Experian Data Exchange, a global innovation team focused on developing propositions to facilitate access to new and non-traditional data. The team works closely with our regions and businesses to explore how innovative solutions can harness new data assets the deliver benefits to businesses, their customers and society at large.

Jon joined Experian in 2013 to lead strategy for the UK&I Credit Services business. Since 2016, he has been driving the UK-wide strategy including our Open Banking efforts. He has also played a pivotal role in several strategic acquisitions and in leading the implementation of the Innovation Pathways programme across the UK.

Prior to Experian, Jon held a number of senior strategy and strategic change positions in UK financial services companies, with a focus on life, pensions and investments.

Jon has a Master’s in Business Administration (Distinction) from the University of Northampton.

Natasha Gray

Natasha Gray, VP Global Head of Data & Analytics, ViiV Healthcare

Natasha is Vice President, Global Head of Data & Analytics at ViiV Healthcare, a company of 1200 people who are solely dedicated to HIV medicines and research on people affected by HIV and AIDS (majority-owned by GSK). Over the last two years, Natasha has led an advanced analytics transformation at ViiV, focussing on using insights derived from AI and machine learning to drive business performance. Natasha has spent her whole career in the Pharma industry and is passionate about developing diverse talent in the field of data & analytics. Prior to her role in ViiV, she held various strategy and analytics leadership roles at GSK and before that she worked as a strategy consultant for biotech and pharma companies.

Anthony Smith, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture, Jones Lang LaSalleAnthony Smith, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture, Jones Lang LaSalle

Anthony Smith is an IT and Architecture leader with over 20 years' experience across the property industry. He has led architecture and systems development within global enterprises, and is experience in implementing commercial packages and bespoke custom developed solutions. Currently at JLL, he previously worked at King Sturge as a business analyst.

Michael Connaughton

Michael Connaughton, Head of Analytics & Data Innovation, Oracle EMEA

Michael has 23 years’ experience of working in the IT industry and is currently Head of Analytics & Big Data for the EMEA region at Oracle. He has held several senior leadership roles over the past 16 years and has been responsible for teams specializing in data analytics, data management, cyber security and digital transformation. Michael has strong expertise in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. He is a member of the International Data Corporation (IDC) Advisory Council for Artificial Intelligence and an AI adviser to the University of Oxford.

Andy IssacsAndy Isaacs, Head of Data & Analytics, UKTV 

As Head of Data and Analytics at UKTV, Andy is responsible for all areas of D2C user data including digital analytics, data architecture, data management, data science modelling for advertising, recommendation engines, dashboards and insights. Previous to that, he led teams that analysed data to generate strategic business insights using advanced analytics, at companies like the BBC, Annalect and IMG.

Mohit Joshi-1Mohit Joshi, Head of Data Science and Engineering, Collinson Group

A Data evangelist in the field of data science and engineering

Mohit is a Data Science enthusiast with a master’s in operational Research having experience delivering solutions by leveraging Big Data Applications, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Techniques. His broad research interests are in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with a passion for turning data into products, actionable insights, and meaningful stories. Expertise in domains such as statistical modelling, Cost optimization, linear modelling, and operational Research.

Mohit has over 6 years of experience working in Data Science, Big Data. Data Engineering and analytics field. I have been managing a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers in the UK and Overseas. His work involved improving products and services for our customers by using advanced analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and maintaining models, and onboarding compelling new data sets.

Additionally, he has worked in the data governance area, which involves creating a centralized data governance framework and putting together the policies which are to be followed for data security and compliance reasons. Mohit works closely with the Data Protection team to ensure all the policies are in place which has been mandated by regulations.

James-Allerton-1James Allerton Austin, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy, Oracle EMEA

James is the Technology Product Strategy Lead for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific regions. After 10 years in the Oracle product development organisation, he is now responsible for driving strategy awareness and adoption of Oracle Cloud Platform with the largest enterprises in the region. The Oracle Cloud Platform comprising Core Infrastructure, Cloud native application development, Data management, Integration, Security, Analytics and many other related emerging Cloud technologies.

James is a regular invitee to speak at all levels, from keynote through to deep dive developer events, covering a wide range of subject matter but always focusing on sharing experiences, both inside and outside Oracle from his career. James joined Oracle in 2008 following 9 years at BEA Systems, and has held multiple positions with technical field sales and in the Product Development team, James holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Nick King, Market Research and Insight Director, Auto Trader LimitedNick King, Market Research and Insight Director, Auto Trader Limited

A consumer psychologist and expert in digital media and marketing, possessing the experience to analyse and interpret trends in consumer adoption of technology and develop strategies for customer acquisition and retention through digital and offline channels.

Nick joined Auto Trader in January 2007 running Business Intelligence and in 2010 built the retailer insight team running masterclasses and webinars. He also makes short films to evangelise data and Insight and speaks regularly at conferences in Europe, Canada and North America.

Nick is also a visiting lecturer in consumer psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. After graduating from Loughborough in 1986 , Nick spent years in advertising and planning at Dorlands and Lintas, was a guitarist with Great Northern Electrics, a publisher on HiFi magazines at Petersen/EMAP and a research Director at Carat/Difiniti responsible for a team of researchers advising a range of Blue-chip clients.