Marketing to the Data-Conscious 

 Consumer Breakfast 

 Marketing in a post #DeleteFacebook world 
 08:00 - 10:30 
 Thu 29 November 2018 
 Vinoteca City, The City 

Data is a critical asset. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, GDPR, and high profile breaches are leading more customers to reappraise the value of their data, and scrutinise what brands do with it.

This presents major challenges and opportunities for marketing teams.  How does channel marketing strategy need to adapt when personalisation and privacy pull in different directions? How can businesses demonstrate that they are using data in the ‘right’ way and providing the value exchange customers increasingly demand?

Join senior peers to explore the impact of the data-conscious consumer on marketing, and the wider implications for customer data strategy.

08.00 Arrive and breakfast
08.30 Welcome and Introduction
08.40 Ice-breaker
08.45 Marketing in a post #DeleteFacebook world

  • Who is the ‘data-conscious’ consumer and what’s driving their emergence?
  • Which channels are most relevant in the data-rich age?
  • What are the specific email marketing challenges?
  • How can brands demonstrate the value exchange to customers?
  • Will the attitudes of the data-conscious consumer become the norm?

09.05 Serving the data-conscious consumer
09.20 Interactive Session: The Challenges vs. The Opportunities

What are the challenges and opportunities arising from the data-conscious consumer? Each table will work through a range of scenarios with expert facilitators to explore how to maximise customer data:

  • Brand consistency across multiple brands
  • Data siloes and data latency
  • Complex customer journeys
  • Personalisation and privacy
  • KPIs and measuring success

10.00 Feedback
10.30 Session Ends

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