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 Mendix on Tour 

 The secrets of developing user-centric apps 
 13:00 - 17:15 
 Tuesday 13 March 2018 
 CodeNode, London 

The secrets of developing user-centric apps

As low-code development quickly becomes mainstream for accelerating application delivery, design thinking is emerging as a key methodology for success in achieving digital transformation.
Every established organisation that is digitising its products, operations and customer experiences must focus anew on user experience. This transformation, and the inherent challenges of delivering solutions that meet both user and business needs, has led to surging interest in a concept known as design thinking. In fact, CIO Magazine recently called design thinking nothing less than the secret to digital success. If you haven’t yet embraced this iterative, user-centric approach to application development, you may be asking what it is and how to get started.
Digital Transformation

How do you really make the best of design thinking in your business operations? How can you use it to improve user adoption, achieve a competitive edge, or even to create new revenue models? The approach calls for a deep understanding of users, a test-and-learn approach to new ideas and constant iteration toward optimal outcomes.

Beyond the obvious merits of innovation, there is value in applying design thinking methods across your entire portfolio of application development initiatives. Draw on the success stories of our customers and register for the Mendix on Tour event.


Join us on Tuesday, 13th of March at CodeNode in London to learn about best practices for developing user-centric apps at speed and scale.


Applying design thinking methods across your app portfolio

Speaker: Johan den Haan, CTO Mendix

The application of design thinking methods is tightly linked to innovation. Beyond the obvious merits for innovation, there’s value in applying design thinking methods across your entire portfolio of application development initiatives. Discover how our CTO explores four common use cases for a low code platform and how design thinking can help teams deliver solutions that meet both user needs and business objectives.


Zurich Insurance

Speaker: Barrington Clarke, DevOps Lead

One of the largest insurance companies in the world, Zurich is leveraging technology to transform its business by building customer digital experiences, simplifying its business and supporting architecture, and investing in innovation. Find out how Zurich has been able to build a DevOps team and launch five applications in less than a year using the Mendix platform, realising tremendous annual operational savings, and now aims to deliver a multi-million pound increase in revenue per application, per year, through delivering customer portals. 


environmental resource management (erm)

Speaker: Richard Zotov, CIO ERM and Simon Gibbons, Technical Director ERM

Environmental Resource Management (ERM) conducts environmental analysis, employing best-in-industry consultants to reveal the environmental impact of government and business projects. Using low code development, ERM is automating a report creation process burdened by manual intervention, simplifying the day-to-day responsibilities of their consultants, and lending those resources to better scale its business.


Knowsley council

Speaker: John Fairclough, Business Solutions Analyst/Mendix Dev Team Lead

Knowsley Council is at the forefront of changing how citizens interact with their government. By creating convenient, digital interactions with low code development, and running a digital inclusion program to ensure its citizens have proper access to these interactions, Knowsley Council is using technology to ensure they remain the borough of choice.


Brighton & Hove CITY COUNCIL

Speaker: Khalid El-Qasabagli, Mendix Lead and Ali Rigby, Head of Digital & Customer

Brighton & Hove is becoming a digital-first city, taking revolutionary new approaches to improve its services and operations, and improving the quality of life of its citizens. With a Design Thinking methodology and an agile approach with strong product owners, Brighton & Hove has developed dozens of applications that connect its constituents with city services like waste management, tax, pest control, schools, and parking.


Agenda (Subject to change) 
  • 13:00 Registration and lunch
  • 14:00 Welcome
  • 14:05 How it all started
  • 14:35 Applying design thinking methods across your app portfolio
  • 14:55 Customer Case: Zurich Insurance
  • 15:15 Break
  • 15:45 Customer Case: ERM
  • 16:05 Customer Case: Brighton & Hove City Council
  • 16:25 Demo Business & IT Collaboration 
  • 16:40 Networking Drinks

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