The Gherkin - Network Strategy Dinner

 Fostering New Digital Architecture Dinner 

 Build a new network strategy 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Wed 28 November 2018 
 The Gherkin, London 

Delivering a superior user experience to customers, and increasingly employees, demands a fresh perspective on how networking underpins complex cloud application and workload initiatives.

Norman Foster provided a fresh perspective when designing the Gherkin. With efficiency at the heart of his design, Foster’s considered approach to architecture and complex infrastructure provides a fitting environment for our exploration into digital architecture.

With so much variability between network elements, building sophisticated digital architecture across multiple locations and enabling the business to create and access applications at speed, is particularly challenging.

How do you ensure consistent performance for the myriad of applications - on-premises, SaaS and cloud services for voice, video and data - essential for today’s digital business?


Join heads of infrastructure, networks and architects to share the challenges inherent in cloud networking strategy within the digitally transforming enterprise.

  • How is network strategy changing in light of complex cloud initiatives?
  • What are the key factors that affect the performance and reliability of cloud workloads and SaaS applications?
  • How do you ensure consistent performance across the multinational organisation?
  • What are the principal challenges arising during cloud migrations? What are the lessons learnt and possible solutions?
  • How can the transition to multi-cloud be optimised?
  • What will be the impact of SD-Wan and other network innovations?
  • What networking principles best support the digitally innovative organisation?

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This event is for 12 x VPs, Directors, Heads and Senior Managers in areas including: architecture, connectivity, network and infrastructure.

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