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The Mercer

 Power Up Productivity 

 Liberating the modern workforce from the drudgery of "work about work" 
 08:00 - 10:30 
 Tuesday 16 July 2019 
 The Mercer, London 

Work today is fast-paced, digitised, and with more collaboration tools than ever before. Yet layer upon layer of technology can actually dampen productivity, frustrate users and deflate the energy vital to good performance.

Join transformation and operations leaders at this interactive breakfast to discuss ways to solve common productivity challenges frustrating organisations everywhere.

08.00 Arrive and breakfast
08.30 Introductions 
08.40 Presentation: Disruption and opportunity in the digital workplace

  • The integration challenge - when more tools do not equal more collaboration
  • Smashing down silos for transparency, visibility and clarity
  • The next decade of work: the realities and needs of a data-rich flexible, diverse workforce
  • Best practices from forward-thinking customers on how to align, action and scale

09.05 Interactive session: Productivity 360

Using real-life case studies, assess challenges and discuss step-by-step measures to combat a host of common productivity frustrations holding organisations back.


  • Lack of clarity about company goals and metrics
  • Preventing email dissolving productivity
  • Embedding a self-service culture
  • Improving digital product launches


  • Is this scenario familiar?
  • What are the main pain points?
  • What’s critical to the user experience?
  • What other tools need to be integrated?
  • What can be visualised and how?
  • People vs. processes? Common barriers to productivity goals

10.00 Top 3 Takeaways
10.15 Feedback and group discussion
10.30 Session ends

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This event is for 10 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects whose responsibilities include digital or business transformation, change, innovation, operations, workforce, employee engagement, user experience, productivity, collaboration, future of work, information, projects, digital strategy, and IT.

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