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Rethinking Data Loss Prevention

 Rethinking Data Loss Prevention Breakfast 

 Exploring a sophisticated approach to Data Loss Prevention 
 8:00 - 10:30 
 Tuesday 29 January 2019 
 Heddon Street Kitchen, Soho 

Data flows are complex. Standard approaches to Data Loss Prevention are dampening innovation, and slowing things down.

Join security and data leaders to get up to speed on the latest thinking, and explore a more sophisticated approach to Data Loss Prevention.

08.00 Arrive and breakfast
08.30 Introduction

Live poll: which of the following represents the biggest challenge to security strategy?

  • Volumes of data and data usage

  • User expectations and user behaviour

  • Insider threat detection

  • Endpoint security

08.40 Presentation: What are the barriers to rethinking DLP?

  • Reflecting on the rapid rise of data

  • Understanding data patterns and trends - and what this means for security

  • Where policies fail

Richard Agnew, VP EMEA, Code 42

09.00 Interactive session:  Culture & Challenges

Deep dive into the following topics to reassess the issues around Data Loss Prevention

Building a positive security culture

  • How do you define a ‘positive’ security culture?

  • What are the barriers - cost, people, process?

  • How do current security approaches block collaboration?

  • Do existing policies and false positives negatively affect attitudes to security?

Challenging established approaches to DLP

  • A critical look at legacy solutions: what works vs. what falls short.

  • Where do most threats originate? Does this require new thinking?

  • What degree of data and file visibility is necessary?

  • Size and scale - how do you tailor DLP to each organisation?

09.45 Top 3 takeaways

10.00 Feedback and group discussion and questions

10.30 Breakfast ends

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This event is for 6 x C-level, VPs, Directors, and Heads whose responsibilities include: security, data, data security, governance, information, technology, risk, cybersecurity or resilience.

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