Risk Adaptive Security Dinner 

 Building a risk adaptive security strategy fit for the digital era 
 18:30 - 22:30 
 Wednesday 6 June 2018 
  Searcys, The Gherkin 

Digital technologies and growing data volumes have irreversibly altered the landscape of security risks. Threats emerge rapidly and regularly, necessitating a new strategic approach which can truly adapt to the continuous security challenges of the digital world.

The pressures on CISOs have never been greater. Join this dinner to explore what a cutting-edge adaptive and dynamic security strategy looks like, and how to take the right steps for successful implementation.

  • What are the key challenges facing CISOs as the exploitation of data becomes a strategic imperative?
  • Does an ‘incident response’ mindset predominantly inform your security strategy? How can this be left behind in favour of a ‘continuous’ approach?
  • Achieving granular visibility on a user-by-user basis without business interruption. How can we predict the intent of a user?
  • What commonly hampers security investigations? How can contextual information improve results?
  • What are the barriers to impactful communication of the security risks facing an organisation?
  • What is the right combination of tools for a risk adaptive security strategy?
  • How can you solve common interoperability challenges?
  • Is the rapid evolution and complexity of the security risk landscape understood sufficiently at Board-level?

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Please note this event is for 12 x C-level, VPs, Directors and Heads in areas including Information Security, IT Strategy, Legal, HR, Privacy, Innovation, Risk, Governance and Compliance, Strategy, Cyber Security, Security, IT, Technology, Digital, Resilience, Innovation, Data, Governance, Continuity, Solution Delivery, Globalisation, Infrastructure.

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