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 The Foundations for AI at Scale 

 Discovering new sources of competitive advantage 

 08:00 - 11:00 

 Thursday 5 March 2020 
 Prince Philip House, SW1Y 5DG 

Digital transformation is the engine for modernisation across industries. Whilst major gains have been made, organisations now face new complexities that risk holding back further leaps in innovation.

It’s time to focus on the future and define a path to AI at scale.

Research shows 81% of executives aspire to derive value from AI, yet don’t understand the data and infrastructure required to support it[1]. Organisations are also grappling with data complexity, a lack of skills, and a difficult ethical terrain. Yet it’s imperative to overcome these challenges through a robust approach to information architecture and data strategy.

New revenue streams, enhanced customer experience and business model innovation are on the horizon. Join senior peers for an informed exploration of the steps necessary to build capability and embed AI into the fabric of your organisation.


08.00 Registration, Breakfast and Business Networking

08.30 Welcome by Nimbus Ninety

08.35 AI Challenges, The Foundations for Success

08.50 Case Studies with IBM

09.10 Interactive Discussion Groups

  • Discussion 1: Powering the data-driven cognitive business: what does it take to become a leader in AI?
  • Discussion 2: Overcoming complexity: can a simplified data architecture help to modernise business?
  • Discussion 3: Jump-starting innovation: how does data become an essential ingredient rather than an obstacle?
  • Discussion 4: Moving from data to analytics to AI: how can this support business insight and lead to growth?
  • Discussion 5: Crafting new experiences: is real-time personalisation achievable with data and AI?
  • Discussion 6: From experimentation to operationalisation: overcoming obstacles to scale
  • Discussion 7: Trust, accountability and bias: adopting an ethical framework
  • Discussion 8: Achieving AI ambitions: bridging the skills gap

10.00 Lessons learnt with Q&A panel

10.30 Takeaway actions

10.40 Conclusions

10.45 Close

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[1] “Reshaping Business with Artificial Intelligence,” MIT Sloan, 2017


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This event is for 60 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects.

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