John Lewis UX

 The John Lewis UX Experience 

 Experience Britain's most pleasant shop with its experience team 

 18:30 - 21:00 
 Monday 12 November 2018 
 John Lewis HQ, Westminster 

John Lewis customers rave about going there – and about the experience of going there. It's nice to spend time in a John Lewis. It's the best place in the shopping centre. It might be the best place in the world.

Anna Burrell, Head of UX at John Lewis; and Steve Spyrou, UX Manager, have the fiendishly difficult task of taking that experience online. Uploading a department store requires UX sorcery, and now they're preparing to share their best magic with the outside world.

Whether that's traditional "user experience"; "customer experience", which sprinkles flakes of strategy over user experience; or "service design", which reviews everything about a service and finds improvements, Anna and Steve understand the end-to-end of how to make experience work for businesses and customers alike.

They will be arguing with me and everyone else about three extremely contentious statements in UX-land:

  1. "Service Design" is a redundant discipline when your "User Experience" team is good enough
  2. "Customer Experience" is an important and vital discipline that "User Experience" should stay well away from.
  3. True design thinking will never happen from the middle management out. It will only happen from the top down or the bottom up.

To get to the bottom of these, join us at John Lewis' Headquarters. Leave with a deep understanding of what makes your users tick.



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