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 The Next Chapter of Digital Reinvention 

 Automation and innovation through cloud 

 08:00 - 11:00 

 Thursday 19 March 2020 
 New Victorian Loft, N1 7JQ 

The rapid growth in data combined with intense market competition is driving business leaders to rethink digital strategy along a number of fronts.

A new logic of efficiency is playing out. Automation is poised to transfer swathes of low value tasks to digital workers, whilst a renewed focus on modernising applications and optimising existing infrastructure will enable dramatic shifts in operational performance to materialise.

Leaps in performance and efficiency can unlock a new wave of digital reinvention, as productivity gains and creative capital freed from low value work combine to drive innovation in products, services and business models.

Join senior peers to explore how to realise a new wave of operational efficiency and lay the foundations for innovation and growth.

08.00 Registration, Breakfast and Business Networking

08.30 Welcome by Nimbus Ninety

08.35 The Next Chapter of Digital Reinvention

08.50 Case Studies with RBS

09.10 Interactive Discussion Groups

  • Discussion 1: Designing an applications strategy to support innovation and growth
  • Discussion 2: 5 strategies to optimise IT infrastructure
  • Discussion 3: Modernising through effective cloud migration
  • Discussion 4: Managing in a multi-cloud world
  • Discussion 5: Essential tools and techniques for cloud native, AI-powered applications
  • Discussion 6: How can digital workers optimise and innovate the customer experience?
  • Discussion 7: A roadmap for Intelligent Automation: how RPA + AI are transforming workflows everywhere
  • Discussion 8: Redesigning workflows and managing digital / robot labour

10.00 Lessons learnt with Q&A panel

10.30 Takeaway actions

10.40 Conclusions

10.45 Close

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Speaker - Naresh Vyas, Royal Bank of Scotland

Naresh Vyas

Naresh Vyas has over 20 years experience in financial services including roles at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Standard Chartered Bank prior to joining the Royal Bank of Scotland.  He has a proven track record of delivering innovative capabilities into large financial services institutions, being awarded with the Best Digital Bank at both Citi and Standard Chartered.

He is responsible for driving and introducing new ideas into production, working closely with the architecture, data and CTO teams to ensure the safe passage of innovation activity into the hands of our customers

RBS, under his leadership, has deployed multiple innovative solutions internally and to customers, such as in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Enterprise Social, and Cyber Security.  

Naresh is also supporting the bank’s Innovation Education initiatives, which includes presenting at various bank events, partnering with Universities, and hosting RBS executives in major startup ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley, Israel, and in the UK FinTech community.

Speaker - Danny Wilks

Daniel Wilks IBM-1

Daniel (Danny) Wilks is Director for IBM Cloud Software in the United Kingdom & Ireland.  He has responsibility for the company’s portfolio spanning all aspects of Cloud, Data and AI. These technologies help our clients embrace and unlock the potential of Cloud computing, and use Data as a competitive differentiator.

After joining IBM in Global Services in 1996, Danny undertook a range of project delivery roles for clients across Europe before moving to IBM’s e-business Solutions division in 1999.  Here, he was able to lead in working with IBM’s customers to understand how the adoption of internet technologies could be used to transform their business, focusing particularly on e-Commerce and Collaboration.


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