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Millbank Tower

 Turning Data into Intelligence 

 Outmanoeuvre your competitors through AI advantage

 18:00 - 22:00 

 Tuesday 1 October 2019 
 Millbank Tower, London, SW1P 4QP 

The ability of artificial intelligence to derive clear insights from complex data can provide a huge competitive advantage. However, businesses from different industries face the same strategic challenges. From aligning people and processes to understanding the value of your data and the new security landscape, every organisation must create strong foundations before AI can power them forward.

With an ever increasing amount of data to base decisions on, how much can we rely on artificial intelligence to support our decision making? And how can we find the right approach to balance the risks with the advantages?

Defence and security organisations often have the same strategic issues as big businesses, albeit with different types and forms of data, but they fundamentally face the same challenges.

Join members of the defence community to explore how to outmanoeuvre competitors, and turn your intelligence and AI challenges into your key differentiator.

18.00 Registration and drinks reception

18.40 Welcome and introductions

Chair: Major General Tom Copinger-Symes CBE, Director Military Digitisation, UK Joint Forces Command and Nimbus Ninety Members’ Advisory Board Member

18.45 The myths and realities surrounding Artificial Intelligence

Dr Rod Thornton QGM, Senior Lecturer on Future Warfare, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

  • AI - not the golden ticket it is often prescribed to be
  • Moving from a user to an exploiter of data, what barriers need to be broken? Cultural, technological, ethical, trust?
  • Does our past constrain our thinking moving forward when it comes to envisioning AI? 

19.00 Complexity to clarity

  • Data to information, information to competitive advantage - how do you make the leap
  • Identifying the critical business outcomes: how do you minimise the delta between what is desired and what is required?
  • Data wrangling and data fidelity are integral, but with the continual flow of new data, how do you derive any benefit?
  • Do we design processes that we can understand rather than optimising them for AI?

19.15 Case study - Lessons from the real world 

  • Data, information and intelligence - why are many of us underperforming at present?
  • What are the key roadblocks when it comes to moving up the data-information-knowledge-wisdom stack?
  • Data fidelity versus data security: where does the greatest risk lie when analysing?
  • How can we tackle the compounding impact of error?

19.30 Panel Discussion - Turning data to insight: the path to competitive advantage

  • What are the risks and the advantages of being an intelligence-driven organisation? Where does the balance lie?
  • What are the people and process foundations needed to jump-start your AI journey?
  • What are the best ways to drive adoption of  AI for both business and IT users?
  • What are the visualisation tools that can assist with presenting intelligence, so that the information that a user has access to isn’t abstract and underutilised?
  • What is the ideal approach to keeping incoming data continuously clean?
  • What are the security threats that must be considered when building your long-term AI strategy?

20.00 Closing remarks

Drinks and networking

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British Army-1


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This event is for C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects / SO3s and above.

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