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The mercer

 Understanding the Anatomy of Work 

 Moving teams from chaos to clarity 
 08:00 - 10:30 
 Wednesday 5 February 2020 
 The Mercer, London, EC2R 8AY 

Marketing and digital teams are under pressure to deliver campaigns at speed. Yet 60% of time is spent on ‘work about work’ - eating into vital creative and revenue-generating activity.

Join marketing and digital leaders at this interactive breakfast to discover your major productivity pain points and how to eliminate them.

08.00 Arrive and breakfast

08.30 Introduction 

08.40 Presentation: Anatomy of Work

  • A global overview of how time is spent at work
  • The hidden volume of ‘work about work’
  • How a lack of clarity harms productivity
  • Removing barriers to productivity
  • How to focus on what matters


09.05 Liberating teams from ‘work about work’

Using Asana’s recent research, the Anatomy of Work Index, discover how much ‘work about work’ your team actually does. Explore its impact on your team’s effectiveness and develop strategies to mitigate productivity failures.

Interactive exercises: 

  • Determine how much ‘work about work’ you undertake each week
  • In-depth analysis of how administrative work is leading to wasted time, effort and resources
  • How to maximise your biggest resource - your team

Discussion points: 

  • Is the level of ‘work about work’ in line with expectations?
  • What are the major contributors to productivity failure during campaigns?
  • When and how does work become siloed? 
  • What’s the scope for automation?
  • The red flags: what are the signs that ‘work about work’ is affecting performance?
  • Are growing workloads and lack of effective work management impacting your team’s stress levels?

10.00 Top 3 takeaways

10.10 Feedback and group discussion

10.30 Session ends

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This is a private event for members of our community. Membership is free and takes less than 5 minutes. As a member, you will have access to this and other complimentary events. Learn more

This event is for 10 x C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads and the drivers of live projects whose responsibilities include: digital transformation, technology, marketing, brands, productivity, collaboration, user experience, information workplace, innovation and operations. 

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