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Understanding the Rise of Enterprise Application Testing

 Understanding the Rise of Enterprise Application Testing 

 Overcoming pitfalls in packaged app delivery for business success 
 08:40 - 10:00 GMT 
 Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 
 Virtual Event - Taking Place on Zoom 

As organisations prioritise agility and speed, enterprise applications and off-the-shelf products (SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) have become increasingly popular. In a world where 59% of organisations deploy a new software build daily, employing enterprise applications can harness new capabilities for agility but they also bring new challenges around complexity.

One of the biggest challenges that enterprise applications bring is testing. Today, 47% of companies say that testing is the number one reason for delay in software delivery cycles. When it comes to enterprise applications, the challenges range from lack of knowledge and having the wrong person testing the application, to constant updates and not understanding what to test.

However, with automated testing, agile methodologies and best practice approaches, many of these issues can be overcome to deliver key business outcomes on the digital agenda. Join software leaders and testing specialists to understand the key challenges behind enterprise application testing, where the opportunities for achieving quality lie and how to run a best-in-class software development team.

08:40 Join

08:45 Welcome by Emma Taylor, Founder of Nimbus Ninety

08:50 The Rise of Enterprise Application Testing

Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare, Tricentis

09:05 Live Poll

09:10 Fireside Chat

  • What are your responses to the poll results?
  • What are the common misconceptions about testing enterprise applications?
  • What are your top three testing imperatives for enterprise applications?
  • How do you reconcile quality and speed when it comes to testing?
  • How can DevOps transform your testing?
  • What is the role of monitoring and reporting for software teams?
  • What are the ingredients for an elite-performing software team?

Dave Shepherd, Principal Enterprise Architect, Dell
Ben Johnson, Director of Innovation, Strategy and Governance, Saint-Gobain
Rajesh Sharma, Managing Consultant, Sogeti

Moderator: Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare, Tricentis

09:40 Q&A

09:55 Closing Remarks

10:00 Thank You and Close

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Chris Trueman, SVP LiveCompare, Tricentis

Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman is responsible for the Tricentis Packaged Application Solutions. He has a particular interest in the application of AI Change Impact Analysis to optimise testing of SAP applications. He joined Tricentis in 2019 following the acquisition of IntelliCorp, where he was CTO. He still occasionally gets to write code.  


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