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It's time to supercharge your business - all of it. The disruptors are becoming the disruptees, as competition evolves quickly across sectors. But evolution creates opportunity and at Chief Disruptor LIVE, we'll be jumping feet first into the opportunity landscape for businesses today.

Bring your teams for a day jam-packed with big picture ideas, micro-application and everything in between. Workshop all aspects from operations to brand with the industry experts and strategy gurus from around the globe. Come and be equipped for supercharge!

We'll be joined by over 3oo digital leaders from across industry to evaluate the current state of change and reinvigorate approaches to disruption.

You can view are most recent speaker highlights here.

A taste of the agenda

This Chief Disruptor LIVE, we'll be exploring ideas from The Experience Economy to The Chatterbox Brand. We'll be hearing perspectives of four global powerhouses, as well as debating the issues around unconscious bias and ethics in AI.

Game Plan Boost
The biggest changes in technology and culture today send ripples through the business world. In this stream, we take a look at the big sea changes coming up in 2020, and apply long-term thinking to developing your business through tech turmoil. The goal: to boost your game plan with strategy that will withstand the battering of disruption.

Hacking the Human
Humans are the most complex things on the planet: anticipating what they want and what they're going to do next is virtually impossible. We explore how AI can spot the patterns in your unpredictable human consumers, how to get consumers chatterboxing about your brand as well as maxing your human talent.  

Finding the Digital Optimum
We all sit somewhere on the digital continuum: tech giants are steaming ahead, while smaller organisations struggle to keep up. In this stream, we aim to close the gap between digital native companies and the rest, by finding that digital optimum for your business - both in terms of operations and customer-facing strategies.

Take a look at the full agenda here:

  Chief Disruptor LIVE Agenda

What to expect:





Tickets cost £900+VAT. Tickets are currently free to B2C Members. (T&Cs apply)

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What Our Members Say

"I always take a lot of useful insights from the discussions and meet a number of interesting and new contacts."

Operations Director, Large B2C Insurance Firm

"I always enjoy Nimbus Ninety events. There are lots of interesting points and it's great to hear other perspectives of technology from other attendees."

Head of Change, Government Service Organisation

"I always find the events interesting. I learn quickly I have a lot of similar challenges with others there."

Director of Data & Technology, Not For Profit Organisation